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did this happen?

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did this happen?

did this happen?

Sun 5. Feb 2012, 00:05
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alright - sunday sept. 21 was 1975 - however according to the KAF tourlist this gig did not happen. am i totally wrong here or what's happenin'?

Comment by zcmi » Thu 10. May 2012, 19:47

kiss and casablanca were about to split at the moment, so yeah, i believe the show was canceled

from my files:
September 15-26, 1975
Planned production days were canceled due to contract row between KISS and Casablanca.

September 21, 1975
Concerts Promotion International, Inc. presents The Summer’s End Festival at Memorial Field, Mt. Vernon. Show cancelled.

September 30, 1975
Paul Stanley signs his ASCAP contract as Stanley Eisen.
according to my files no concerts were done during this period (Sep 15-Oct 1)
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