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Skiantos is a punk band from Bologna, Italy, formed in 1975. They have released ten studio albums, two live albums and five compilation albums. They participated in the Gods of Demential festival on January 12, 2007. Roberto “Freak” Antoni, leader of the band, dies in Bologna 59 years old on February 12, 2014.

Roberto Antoni grew up in the small town of San Giovanni in Persiceto , near Bologna , and received his Diploma in Agricultural Agricultural Technical Institute "Arrigo Serpieri " at the beginning of the seventies. In those years began to take shape the character of a leader , singer, songwriter , leader of the rock group Skiantos insane , to be considered one of its most challenging part of the artistic and cultural movement after '77.

Friend of writers, artists and poets known in those years, as Pier Vittorio Tondelli Alinovi Francesca , Enrico Palandri , Filippo Scozzari , James Campiotti , Gian Ruggero Manzoni, Andrea Pazienza , graduated July 12, 1978 at the University of Bologna in Discipline Arts , Music and Performing Arts ( DAMS) , Faculty of Humanities , with a thesis on the Beatles with writer and professor Gianni Celati .

Cabaret comedian and versatile artist , he has starred in a number of characters or created formations such as Astro Vitelli, Beppe flutters and Whirlpools , the rough of smooth, the Rotolones , the leftovers Balera , the Pollok . The Skiantos with the group was a leading exponent of the genre Rock dementia , defined as rock ironic and irreverent .

He is the author of numerous books , from his dissertation entitled The Journey to the DAMS Lonely Hearts : fantastic themes on songs by the Beatles, then published by The Anteater of Milan.

Later he published four books with Feltrinelli, a volume Sperling & Kupfer and one with Pendragon . It was also an actor in several underground films under the pseudonym " Tony Gentle ," and as " Roberto Freak Antoni " has played roles in Jack Frusciante left the group (1996) directed by Enza Negroni , Cavedagne (2003) by Bernardo Bolognesi and Francis Merini and Paz ! (2002) directed by Renato De Maria . His participation in the latter is linked to his friendship with Andrea Pazienza , who also did appear in some of his comics .

Appreciated in the documentary film : " We are made so " by Elizabeth Abi- Armand , POLIVISIONI (2004). In 1986 he wrote the Absolute Nightmare rocking written for the stage . In 2002, the album sings Song For The Artists 1977/2003 project Punx Crew, and collaborates with several groups of Bologna, as Atrocity album of the same name , and Criopalmos for Bifidus , single attachment to the comic magazine Odrillo . In October 2004, he fired a CD , entitled Ironikontemporaneo , made with pianist Alessandra Mostacci , specializing in contemporary repertoire .

Sixteen new songs by composers of " Contemporary Music " , in which the music is strangely surreal and zany verses accompanied by Antoni . In 2007 released " Ironikontemporaneo 2" . From 1 November 2007 at Lucca Comics , based on an idea by Antoni and Stephen Jannes , is launched Freak cartoon inspired by the life of Antoni . Since 2007 he has led the morning program on Bread Butter and Rock'n'Roll Radio RockFM . Within the program was in charge of the Almanac of the day was that of an aptitude test for a driver's license as a real rocker, of various items of utility as the Ritardatario Delayed , care of the nursing home Eleonora Duse , the History of Rock demented Italian .

In 2001 , in collaboration with the ultras of Bologna Football Club 1909 released the single Faith Rossoblu .

In 2008 he worked with the band from Turin Pellizza Elastic Band for the album " The Word Console " . In December of the same year he was present at the exhibition of original drawings " Bloodhounds of the Italian rock " in Città di Castello , in addition to being portrayed in the roundup of the " cursed" , he also wrote an essay in the catalog , dedicated to the relationship between rock and comics. In 2009 he made ​​a brief appearance in the show " SensoZero " (organized in the Auditorium of Rome from the radio program of Radio 2 RAI 610 , with gags and scenes of comedy cold , surreal and original) . In 2009, will form the " Freak Antoni Band" composed by Max Cottafavi on guitar, Elisa Minari on bass, Granite Morsiani on drums, Alessandra Mostacci the keyboard and in 2010 released the CD " Plastic Dynamism " with 10 unreleased tracks . In 2010 he received the " Premio Tenco " .

Between 2011 and 2012 the band collaborated with Barresi Project. From October 2011 to collaborate with the group Ossi Duri.

On 12 April 2012, after 35 years of collaboration with Skiantos, Freak Antoni announces to leave the group to pursue a solo career with a project called Freak Antoni Band . In 2012 collaborated with J-Ax in a remake of his own song "The ice creams are good" on the album of the singer live in Milan "Live Better." 2013 is the year of the performance to the most comprehensive exhibition dedicated to Andrea Pazienza, "Peace Art", in which Alessandra Mostacci along with the piano, he performed right in between the tables of the great designer.

In 2013, premiered at Biografilm Festival in Bologna, comes Biografreak , a documentary directed by Emanuele Angiuli which chronicles the life and history of Robert "Freak" Antoni, founder-singer-songwriter and rock Skiantos insane, with multiple personalities, from child "guy from the yard," restless teenager in love with the music and the Beatles, the young poet experimental and rebellious to the man getting ready to start a story and a different life. Almost a collective biography, in which the story is that of the Freak Bologna DAMSiani of those years.

The latest project is the Freak Flag Band, born in September of 2013, formed by Alessandra Mostacci the piano, Francesco Caporaletti on bass, Mark Casoni on guitar, drums and Fabio Luca Ventura Verdini on keyboards. It is with this that Freak performs live for the last time on December 29, 2013 Offida, in the province of Ascoli Piceno.

The age of 54 he was diagnosed with bowel cancer. He died on the morning of February 12, 2014 at the age of 59 years

Eptadone one of the best Skiantos success,here the link of the video

R.I.P. dear Freak :bitte:
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