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Kiss Fan since 1979

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Salve everybody,
I am taking the liberty to use this forum for the purpose of promoting our band a little bit. In 1979, my parents gave me my very first record, the album “KISS”. Shortly after that I fearlessly bought the album “Alive” on my own. To this day, the members of KISS are my/our ultimate gods; I started playing the bass because of Gene! It actually looks quite good at 02:00.
Soon our album “Still on Fire” will be available and now we are just celebrating our musical origin and the reason why we are how we are.
Our song “Rock Steady” is solely about KISS; our first video, however, is a tribute to the, as we believe, greatest decades of Rock ´n´Roll! We salute our musical companions and, of course. our old masters, too!

“Metalheadz” puts it in a nutshell, have fun with it – or not.
Check it out!

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Re: Kiss Fan since 1979

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