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Kiss Books

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It's been a great year for Kiss books I think. We've had the:
"1977-1980" book from Lynn Goldsmith
"Kiss on Tour 1998-2016",by Julian Gill (Also the "1983-1997" one)
"The Other Side of The Coin vol 2",again by Julian Gill
"The Fans Have Their Say #1 KISS",by Ian Carroll
"Kiss Klassified",by Johan Kihlberg and Carl Linnaeus
"Paul Stanley 1989 Solo Tour",by Alejandro Barreiro Barral (I think that is the authors name?)
And let's not forget the reissue of the greatest of them all,"Kiss Alive Forever",which ships at the beginning of January 2018.
Oh,and also the excellent book,"Kiss Takes Tokyo '77",by Alain Bellicha.
I remember back in the (very) early '80's the only 2 books I could find on Kiss where,"Kiss",by John Swenson and "The Savoy of Death",by Robert Duncan!
How things have changed.......
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