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Re: Kiss Kiss Alive II Variation Labels

Posted: Sat 4. Apr 2020, 20:27
by Gazza2656
Can anyone out there help me out

I have the Kiss Alive II vinyl album with the Catalogue CALD 5004 and is the 1977 UK press, the labels should have the boxed logo at the Bottom centre that reads PYE RECORDS in Black Print.

The copy I have got has a different label variation which I can’t find nothing about this variation anywhere, all four Labels have a boxed silver hologram effect bottom centre which in direct light you can clearly see it reads PYE RECORDS, and when you tilt the Vinyl to a different angle it just shows a blank silver square, it is not a sticker it as been machine stamped on the label

I wondered if anyone knows anything about this, and could tell me why this is different from the standard label.

Re: Re: Kiss Kiss Alive II Variation Labels

Posted: Mon 13. Apr 2020, 13:51
by Rocket Twix
have a look at discogs